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As the sun sets

On my time in SL...
We travel to one more glorioso sim called  DRAGONFLY It was so beautiful truly. Take the link and go  verkennen.

Click to enlarge the photos
Anyway, beautiful sim's aside I just want to let my readers know that I probably not be blogging until at least September when my RL calms down. 
I won't be on SL much and the time I do have will be spent with friends doing ahem, stuff... To be frank I am really becoming lazy. I'm spoiled and know it.:) Maybe Gerritt will keep you all updated on my antics.. oh and I will post comments , yeah . thats about more my speed!
Is this 100 words yet? Is it? Is it? Is it? Is it? ciao Ember

First tentative steps into ---the blog zone......

Morning all--for those who read this post and haven't met me in-game, I'm Gerritt Resident--and no I'm not related to the other 65,000 Residents who now call SL home (or is it 100 people with 650 alts--never could get that straight). Ember was gracious enough to grant me the rights to place a post here so I've decided to avail myself of the opportunity--and I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact that she now has a task on her list to create a new post and she'd found a clever way to delegate the task back.

I wanted to take a moment to bend everyone's ear regarding not reading a book by the cover that contains it. For any who read this post over time-likely you're aware of the fact that I've been fortunate enough to know Em since her birthday in March. At the time we'd struck up a casual conversation and I ended up following her to SAG due to the fact she was a bit nervous about her first slave sale (note to self--be somewhat cautious a…

Oh Hai there!!

Long time no blog..
 I was just reminded that I hadn't of late and well , I've meant to but I don't seem to have the words to say what is going on at the moment.
 I will tell you briefly..

 I have a new Master. I'm still trying to figure out how submissive I am  in this relationship but he tolerates me  and my delightful attitude so that's a plus.
His name is Gerritt and you all might remember from a previous post that he had won me at my first auction.
( I will give him his own post after this one)
He is teaching me loads like..
 I'm learning to landscape.. It is crazy fun andd seems im pretty good at it. Yay me.

Also seems I have a pretty twisted imagination so I am coming up with all sorts of ideas of rlv thingys to build and sell on marketplace.

 I have been  building theme rooms for Keiser's SIM Bondage Island. Just need to tweak the classroom and we are good to go! This is what we got so far.
~Bathroom full of dev pose  perversions. Thanks to Shyloh …