I love Alvulo.

And Hlin is so good to her group that it burns my ass to see this scammer targeting her. I have to alert you all.

When you land there you will get an IM like right away before you rez.
Something like..

[10:45] Jeleebean: don't you be pushin me!
[10:45] Jeleebean: I'm just jokin SL is super wonky and rezzing slow :(

Will be silly funny, Most will instantly like this person.

This person is a bot. This bot is on Alvulo SIM every day under a different avatar.
She will flatter you and give you a big sob story.

The end result is the same.

She asks for 200L to make herself look more like you.

Please be aware. Please share. She or they are really good at what they do and very nearly fooled me.

Lets stand up and help Hlin Bluebird rid herself of this trash and make her SIM a safe place to visit for new and old residents alike!

1:25] Jacqueleena: i make 40k linden a day HAHAHAHA
[11:25] Jacqueleena: cry more
[11:25] Jacqueleena: report me
[11:25] .: ᄂoƦeƝα :. (silvermoon.namiboo): i know
[11:25] Jacqueleena: post on my shit
[11:25] Jacqueleena: it won't matter
[11:25] Jacqueleena: guess what anything you think you know right now I can change
[11:26] Jacqueleena: not to mention how hard I could fuck up your sl if I gave a shit about you, but I don't
[11:26] jazmin Lemon: no kidding
[11:26] jazmin Lemon: uhhuh
[11:26] Jacqueleena: lol you think youre relevant?
[11:26] Jacqueleena: i could find out anything I want about you
[11:27] Jacqueleena: im awesome and youre ridiculous
[11:27] jazmin Lemon is offline.
[11:27] Jacqueleena: please make me troll your life

This is a major issue. Please help. I suggest every one port here to alvulo and report their asses

Free for you and me!!

 New group gift skin from Alvulo.
 I love this designer for her generosity.
The hair is a free fatpack and mesh from Alice Project .
It is part of the where is concert hunt.
Look for the concert ticket hidden in the store. Today is the last day of this hunt. GO NOW!!

Also you can get this outfit free on marketplace

✖ Just awesome! ✖ by EDELFABRIK ~SUPER PROMO~