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Too Cool For School

Yesterday I was wandering around hair SIMS looking for freebies and landed at Truth. Now I know I blogged their Subscriber gift already here So I will re post over on Hair SL after I am done here.  Feel free to check the site out.  I post FREE, Group Gift, Discounted & Sale HAIR!Find it all HERE While @ Truth, I noticed this super sweet style that I did not already own so I snatched it up in the variety pack ( As I can never make up my mind!  Regular pricing BTW ) and thought, "Hey, this is a school girl look."  And ran with that. Don't forget, there is a beautiful Variety pack of hair in the subscriber and a ginormous room at the back with over 100 styles all 50L per color pack! Excellent place to take a new or old friend for new locks!.Event's + Info.Truth |Has a Free gift in Subscribo + loads of 50L Styles.Eyes | Free on Marketplace.Lumae Skin + Every applier imaginable | 10L @ The Cart Sale | August 26 until Sept 16th.Ducknipple'…

Short and Sweet

I am not feeling overly wordy today so I will keep this short and sweet ( Like me!) *My Eyes & Shoes -Both  are FREE items. Info for that in the credits! ** The hair bow -Well I have a second note card into the customer service of the store trying to figure if it is available anywhere to buy.  I Will let you know one way or another what's up with that as I have a chip on my shoulder about CSR's ignoring customers.  (not sure if this is the case or not, again we shall see.)  I will let you know tomorrow where it was from, Kinda like a cliff hanger *muahaha*.Credits.Hair - :::Phoenix::: Marie Hair|By Lilly Herberg |Hair base - enVOGUE HairBase - Dark Blonde 1 |By Casandra Rain |Hair Bow - Stay tuned Older free item.Lip Gloss - [ MUDSKIN ] What is Red?#6_Light | By Sopha Portal |VINTAGE & COOL FAIR|Skin - .::WoW Skins::.V2 FatmaDarktan |By sawsan SecretSpy |Shape - Enfant | Sarang Shape | By Sopha Portal |Mesh Body - Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 | By Onyx LeShelle |Eyes -

The pants post

So many events, so little time.Well usually I have loads of time but lately I find myself logging into Second Life and wandering off on one RL task or another. Good thing The friends on my list know I am not ignoring them or I would never be able to log in to a happy SL.Anyhoo, that boring stuff aside. I have a lot of event items here. all utterly adorable!
The skin and hair started off the look then adding the GRID FAMOUS YOGA PANTS.  I have been looking for the perfect top to wear with this and I think I found it in this one.  (Just a little fyi though. The top only comes in standard mesh sizing for now but in future the brand will be branching out to cover mesh bodies.) Even with the Standard Sizing I was able to wear this top problem free over my Lara body ♥So here I have covered these events. All worth a look or three !VINTAGE & COOL FAIR | August 21- September 4 |Shiny Shabby| August 20 - September 15 |The Fantasy Collective | August 22 - September 15 |Collabor88 | August 8 …

Happy Birthday Collabor88

So Collabor88 is celebrating their 4th Birthday!  I fought so hard and finally got in. Luckily for me ( and a lot of you) If you end up crashing,  just log back in at last location and bam you have instant access without having to try for another 4 hours.I spent quite a bit of money here, trust me.  This is a Must attend round!I brought my first EVER Fat Pack of dresses.  I am usually pretty darn tight with my money but I loved EVERY color of this adorable dress from Pixicat. :) For anyone who didn't notice (LOL) I edited these photos like A LOT.  I love to edit.  TRY DEMOS before you buy.  Look at the vendor textures.  Make sure it is for you before you buy it. This is a blog, my creative space where I love to help you find beautiful things and these are without a doubt beautiful creations.  This is simply my interpretation of them. Thank you, Ember Adored ♥.Credits.Hair - Exile::You Send Me | By Kavar Cleanslate | COLLABOR88|Eyes -AVELINE Eyes– Doll-M – Hazel – Iris (M)|By Giggle…

Free Fat Pack Of hair At Little Bones

Little Bones has a FREE fat pack of hair available to everyone in their main store! I have no clue how long this will be available so hurry scurry! A big thank you to Tapika Tomsen for pointing this deal out to me <3 p=""> On a personal note, I really love the texturing on these hairs!  Thank you Little Bones! LIMO -

Hitting The Streets. Not Really

I have been wearing this outfit for days now so I figure it's about time I blogged it as people keep asking about it!
I have finally settled down to one skin and shape that I love.  It is my go to look when I am not showing off other designers creations  (I love you all too don't get me wrong but this just screams Ember's look).
The skin is byWoW Skinsand her best one yet in my opinion.  It works perfectly overEnfant's Sarang shape.  So a huge thank you to both designers for keeping me around ♥
My hair is one of the ones I brought from theHairFair and is made byOleander. I am pretty sure it is at their store now ( I hope)
Of course the top and shorts are byBlueberry.  This store is amazing and growing in leaps and bounds.  Her prices are more than fair and textures (for those that are new here) areAMAZING!
The Shoes are made byReign.  I actually noticed them in one ofBlueberry's advertisements.  As soon as I found out I could buy them @UBERI rushed right over to grab th…

Mesh Body Addict Fair

The Mesh Body Addict Fair is up and running! Yay!! Savvy posted on it yesterday and showed off some beautiful items.  Find her post here - I have a mix of items to show you, 6 of them being from The MBA Fair.   Remember this fair is for items to wear with all your mesh bodies / hands feet.  It's wonderful to go around and collect landmarks of stores that design for your body for future reference!!The MBA Fair is on until the 21 of August so plenty of time to get over and visit.Happy shopping!♥ Ember Adored ♥
.Credits.Hair - :::Phoenix::: Julia Hair| By Lilly Herberg|Eyes - AVELINE Eyes – Doll-M – Hazel – Iris (M)|By Giggle Solo| Free On Marketplace|Lashes -*Mon Cheri* “Falsies” Eyelash,Upper|By  Freya Olivieri|Skin -.::WoW Skins::. V2 |Nour Darktan 03|By Sawsan SecretSpy|MESH BODY ADDICTS FAIR|Shape -Enfant| Sarang Shape|By Sopha Portal|Mesh Body - Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3|By Onyx LeShelle|Top -Vinyl| Isabel …

New Project & A Contest!

Hello everyone! I want to share my newest project and hopefully with your help it will grow and grow to great lengths! Introducing Hair SL! Here is what it's all about.   The website is set up for info regarding Hair Sales & Group gifts! I also have listed all the Hair Salons (That are known to me) on a page to be found here - I have sent out invitations to designers today offering them the service of placing their sale adds there with no cost to them.  Of course I will also be Spotlighting different designers just for the personal touch cause well, you know me.  I LOVE HAIR! (I will be purchasing these myself) To go along with the website I have  created an in world group. Everyone is welcome to join . Designers are asked to contact me to have posting rights in group. Join free by copying and pasting this link into your viewer. secondlife:///app/group/cb100ddb-5566-a1f1-75b6-9bea0fb33469/a…