Workin' on my fitness

I can do an honest to Harley smirk now!
I adore my new Catwa head.
Pssst this round of MBA ends tomorrow!  So hurry over before it closes for meshy goodness!
Savvy Quinn
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Miwa Mesh Hair - Fireworks by MissAllSunday Lemon
Head:  CATWA HEAD Lona by Catwa.Clip (Catwa Clip) 
Head applier: [PF] Sabine – CATWA Head Applier by Mochi (Mochi Milena)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 By Onyx LeShelle
Body applier: [PF]  – MAITREYA Lara Applier (CURVY)  by Mochi (Mochi Milena)
Hands: -VA-F-VISTA BENTO PROHANDS FEM-V.1 by Vista Barnes
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Snatch - Champagne by Julie Hastings
Shirt and shorts: [BB] Sports Set - Sexy - Maitreya Lara by Belzebubble Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly
Shoes: ..::ILLI::.. Kendra Sneakers by Alphonse de Ophidion (equitum) Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly
Pose: *CS* Gym 01 by Big Bad Bear (Guilhermedandretti)

Shatter Me.

 Just a photo I wanted to share.  As always, all credits & teleport links are below the photo.
Please enjoy.
💋 Ember

Shatter Me

Kissing Frogs

Keep Calm and Kiss a Frog

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Patty Mesh Hair - Fireworks by MissAllSunday Lemon @ ULTRA event
Head:  CATWA HEAD Lona by Catwa.Clip (Catwa Clip) @ Skin Fair Sim 2
Head applier: [PF] Sabine - CATWA Head Applier by Mochi (Mochi Milena)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 By Onyx LeShelle
Body applier: [PF]  - MAITREYA Lara Applier (CURVY)  by Mochi (Mochi Milena)
Hands: -VA-F-VISTA BENTO PROHANDS FEM-V.1 by Vista Barnes
Dress: MOoH! Sophia dress pink by Dalriada Delwood (40% Group discount, Dress is only 99L with your group tag activated.  March 24 - April 6 in the main store. )
Frog: [UN] The Frog Prince by Jalynne Ohmai  March Treasure Chest Exclusive
Pose: . Infiniti .  - Blowing Smoke - 5 by Brandi Monroe
Location: Once Upon a Fairy Tale

A Powder Pack Post

Today I decided to show off some of  March's Powder Pack (For Catwa Heads).

  • I am totally digging on this Head applier from DeeTaleZ. I have never tried her skins before this and Omgee, those lips! They look so real and kissable. I stood staring at myself way longer than necessary this time around :)

  • March's Powder Pack was released on the 17th and now can be purchased in the Market place or @ The Powder Pack boutique for 3000L. You get a little bit of everything.

 In world Location :
Marketplace Link:

  • Find 3k too steep and want to try this subscription box out?  Pre order April's box for only 1500L. Sure you won't know what is inside but unpacking it on the 17th is like a gift to yourself!

  • Haven't purchased a Catwa Mesh head yet?  Here's your limo, Go try the demo's!
Catwa Main store:
Catwa Marketplace:

 LeLutka box is coming!!!
 Pre Order Here!

Ember ♥

Do I look amused?

  • Hair - Magika | Amuse Me | By Sabina Gully.
  • Mesh Head - Catwa Bento Head | Lona | By Catwa Clip | @ Skin Fair 2017 March 10 - 26th.
  • Mesh Eyes - LOTUS. | Formation | By lilanachristina.
  • Skin Applier - DeeTaleZ | Char / Juanita Maria, Catwa | By Steffi Villota | In March's Powder Pack for Catwa Heads. 
  • Eye Shadow - [PinkFuel] | Queen Palette, Catwa | By Mochi Milena | In March's Powder Pack for Catwa Heads.
  • Lashes - [okkbye] | Amaris, Catwa | By Elisaokkbye | In March's Powder Pack for Catwa Heads.
  • Choker - #Foxy | Bowie Choker | By Liza Broono.
  • Pose - Le Poppycock | Cloud 9 | By Olivia Lalonde | @ ULTRA March 15 - April 15th.

Throwback Thursday

“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.”
― Steve Maraboli

Throwback Thursday
Hair: Exile::Rain or Shine: 10. Wildcards by Kavar Cleanslate
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Head: LeLutka Bento Head-CATE by Jaden Art (JadenArt) @ Skin Fair Sim 1
Skin: Lara Hurley-Maitreya Appliers-for Fae and all the new skins by Lara Hurley
Head applier: Lara Hurley-Alena for LeLutka Rose Pale by Lara Hurley
Crown: Astralia – Pollicina crown (pastel pink) by Aѕtrαℓiα  Miℓiαиdrovic (Astralia)
Top:  MOoH! Chrissy top Flower Hud by Dalriada Delwood Free Gift @ Designer Circle
Jeans: MOoH! Josie jeans Washed Hud by Dalriada Delwood @ Designer Circle
Pose: . Infiniti . - Sweet - 4 by Brandi Monroe (arm dropped and hand slightly moved with the animare hud)
Location: Summer Trace (Closing March 24th)

Video Killed The Ember

Video Blogging In SL. ( And no that is not what I am trying to teach, please read on.)

Well, I did my first & maybe my only video blog today.  Might be the last  if the response is negative. 

I managed to babble all through it,  get a frog in my throat and say UM about 100 times. I waffled on so much that it cut me off mid sentence before I would wrap it up. Ah well, this is just how Ember rolls.

I used a free program called  BandiCam. I was trying to get it to work from 8:30 am till 12:30 PM I was about to give up when finally I asked for help.
 Kilolo Jenkins from the SL Bloggers Support Group helped me!! Thank you so so much , you saved me ♥
(Just maybe not my readers or Flickr followers )
VIDEO - The video itself is about different lighting and shadow tools I use in my Firestorm Viewer when setting up to take a photo. If the response is positive I will try again as I always have some little tip I want to share.

The photo is Raw (just cropped.)  The video (If I can get it to upload will be on my Flickr Here - 

Please leave a message here if you would like me to do more or if I just need to shut up already.
 Ember ♥
If you watched the video I mentioned a photographer / blogger named Daeberethwen Arbenlow who made their own light and videoed how it was done.  I learned a lot so check her out here -
I did not even realize she has done a similar video to the one I made but hers I am sure is super great and explained things really well! (Sorry, not my intention to try to copy)

Crop - A - Doodle - Doodoo

Powder Pack LeLutka is coming, time to pre order!

  • Powder Pack for LeLutka March Edition is now available for pre-order until MARCH 31, 2017 and will release APRIL 1, 2017.

It will feature these amazing 12 brands!

Above I have linked the store names to their landmarks or (SLURL's as we call them) Just click any name and it will take you to the SL map. Teleport and check out all the awesome designers!

How to pre - order & Learn more about this great mystery box.

  • Powder Pack In-world Group: secondlife:///app/group/dff9c1bb-79ac-7f2a-c4ab-d8c81da1fdbd/about


Kinky lil' Mermaid

Daddy titled the blog and the picture :)
Just my Sunday randomness peeking through.  Not much to say today.
Have a good week everyone.
Savvy Quinn
Hair: 10. TRUTH Fire [B&W-Blondes-Colours] RARE by Truth Hawks (Was at Epiphany so keep an eye out at the main store)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Head: LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE by Jaden Art (JadenArt)
Skin: Lara Hurley-Maitreya Appliers-for Fae and all the new skins by Lara Hurley
Head applier: Lara Hurley-Alena for LeLutka Rose Pale by Lara Hurley
Eyeshadow: .::frosting::. Shimmer Shadows - Fiesta Palette by ღ ℋαяℓσω ℬяιαממα ℳσσמ ღ (Cute Brianna)
Crown: OXIDE Mer Crown - TC3/2017 by Zee (Zuleicca)  March Treasure Chest Exclusive
Harness: Phedora ~ Amy harness ( 35 colors ) by мιѕѕ мιиειяo ™ (Celena Galli) @Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly
Nipple covers: [ bubble ] Star Pasties Set by moonbubble (moonbubble Gothly) @Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly
Pose: . Infiniti . - Submission 3 by Brandi Monroe (head was moved with the animare hud) 

Where are you spring?

With the weather here in the southeast lately, I'm asking myself that question on a daily basis...
I love winter.  I'm a winter baby, and I prefer winter to any other season.. but here, one day it's hot, the next day it snows, then it heats back up, rains, then it freezes!
Spring please hurry and straighten out our wacky weather.  (Not that it will ever straighten out)
Savvy Quinn
Hair: Exile:: Not Today Wildcards by Kavar Cleanslate @ Collabor88
Headdress: [Cubic Cherry] {Avien} crown day кяєασ кυяσι кυנιѕαωα (Kreao Kujisawa)   March Treasure Chest Exclusive
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Head: LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE by Jaden Art (JadenArt)
Skin: Lara Hurley-Maitreya Appliers-for Fae and all the new skins by Lara Hurley
Head applier: Lara Hurley-Alena for LeLutka Rose Pale by Lara Hurley
Bodysuit: Moon Elixir - Boudoir - Bodysuit - Maitreya by ElixirBlack & MoonCelestia @ Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly
Robe: Moon Elixir - Boudoir - Robe - Maitreya by ElixirBlack & MoonCelestia @ Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly
Shoes: [PPD] Rock Your Body Thigh High Flip Flops by Pinkness Pearl @ Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly
Lantern: ERSCH - Caged Accessory by Mrs. Ersel Uladstron (AkaneRini) March Treasure Chest Exclusive
Pose: . Infiniti . - Sweet - 8M by Brandi Monroe (Moved my neck with the animare, and had to adjust my fingers with the FATE Hand Poser HUD by Damien Fate)

Blind to you

Thank goodness it's almost Friday!
Hang in there, we can make it!  No time to ramble. 
*Squishes you all*

Blind to you

I (don't) work out

While working on this picture, my guy said, and I quote, "Trying to do shit here and you three are ruining my flow!"
These are only two of the four dogs that live in our bedroom... the other two were in their own beds.
Puddin isn't big on animals in the house.. come to think of it, he's not too fond of the sheep, chicken, horses, and other assorted miscreants in our yard either..hmm.
Anyways.. I just wanted to help him with his work out!  Everyone knows the harder the push up the bigger the muscles, right?
Savvy Quinn
I (don't) work out
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Tara Mesh Hair - Fireworks by MissAllSunday Lemon
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Head: LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE by Jaden Art (JadenArt)
Skin: Lara Hurley-Maitreya Appliers-for Fae and all the new skins by Lara Hurley
Head applier: Lara Hurley-Alena for LeLutka Rose Pale by Lara Hurley
Hands: -VA-F-VISTA BENTO PROHANDS FEM by Vista Barnes (hands edited with the Fate Hands Hud)
Shirt: Entice - No More Top - FATPACK by Entice (EnticeStore) @ Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly
Shorts: Blueberry - Conie - Maitreya/Belleza/Slink - Fat Pack by Blueberry (Blueberryxx)
Socks: Maddict Funsie Sock - FATPACK by Maddict @ Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly
Pose: 3. *CS* Gym - 03 by Big Bad Bear (Guilhermedandretti) (edited with the animare)
Big dog: JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 14. Sleepy Adult by JIAN (JianSL) @ The Arcade
Little dog: JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 13. Sleepy Pup by JIAN (JianSL) @ The Arcade

Lips Like Candy

I have no time to ramble today so I will just show off my pictures.
Next post I will  tell you all about this new HUD I got.

Also Vista put out a secret update on their Bento hands. Landmark is in the credits.



like candy

Countdown is on!

You only have one more day to pre-order your Treasure chest!
It's a subscription box catering to SL roleplayers :D
This round's theme is Royal Treatment.
All info can be found here on
You can just click HERE and join the group in world for 1500 Linden and on the 15th the box will be delivered via notices.
Here's a preview pic of the fabulousness that awaits!
Savvy Quinn

Little Wonders

This week has been very emotional for me, so forgive the lack of blah blahing :)
Trying to learn to appreciate the little things in life right now.
MBA opened today with lots and lots of goodies!
I also tried a new subscription box, Cutie Loot.  Info can be found here.
Have a wonderful weekend puddins.
Savvy Quinn
Hair: TRUTH VIP - March by Truth Hawks (Was this month's group gift, group is now 350L to join and they so far have released a fat pack every month)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Head: LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE by Jaden Art (JadenArt)
Skin: Lara Hurley-Maitreya Appliers-for Fae and all the new skins by Lara Hurley
Head applier: Lara Hurley-Alena for LeLutka Rose Pale by Lara Hurley
Top: -Narcisse- Dakota Bustier *Voluptuous Pack* by Narcisse @ Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly
Skirt: ALTAIR* ranka skirt -Cutie Loot- by Runa Nikiforov (tsurine) Cutie Loot Crate Exclusive
Socks: Astralia - Meow stockings with HUD by Aѕtrαℓiα  Miℓiαиdrovic (Astralia) Cutie Loot Crate Exclusive
Pose: . Infiniti . - Flutter by Butterflies  - 1 by Brandi Monroe
Location: Luane's World

In the pink!

Hello lovely readers.

I have a few events to talk about today. I will try to keep it brief.

  • Hairology - This event runs from the 10 - 30th of the month. The hair in this photo is by [Runaway] and I absolutely LOVE it. Not sure I want to even take it off like ever.  I need to mention, [Runaway] has included an Omega hair base HUD in the packs.  Once worn with your correct Omega HUD you can just click the colour you need & BOOM matchy nice hair base! It's Perfect!

  • Skin Fair 2017 - It's open now! March 10 - 26. Make sure you take off mostly everything as there is a script limit. I mentioned the other day how I grabbed the new Lona Bento Head by Catwa.        Well I also wanted to mention that I did nothing to the sliders on her. The shape I am wearing is the one that came in the box. It is love @ first sight for Lona & I.  Also if you click this photo it will take you over to Flickr. There you can click the image to enlarge it and see my beautiful eye shadow by Alaskametro. Not only is it lovely, it's also very well priced @ only 75L!!
Ember's finally found herself, for now anyway 😄

  • Mesh Body Addicts Bi - Monthly - This round runs from March 10 - 30th & You can find this totally cute top there by a designer called Cuddle Up. The pink tone on this matched well with my  hair.  Am I the only one who would match things to a hair colour? Also, check out these thigh high ribbon flip flips by Pink Pearl Designs, I think they're pretty neato.

Happy Shopping!
Ember. 💕

kitty rawr

In the pink

Skin Fair Is Coming March 10th!

It's coming March 10th!

The Skin Fair 2017 is presented by:
Pale Girl Productions & Esode

The Skin Fair 2017 is sponsored by :
Carol G Tattoo
TAOX Tattoo

 -Dates: March 10 - March 26
 - Every store will showcase new and exclusive Skins, makeups, tattoos, and mesh body parts!

🌟They will enforce low scripts so please take off all you can to shop, save the agony of being ejected after trying to get in for an hour.🌟

 Today I am showing off my Bento Chloe Head by LeLutka.
 Just in case you have yet to purchase, you can find her at the fair while you are shopping yourself into the ground :)

Also I brought the new Catwa Bento Lona head! She is super cute & I only dawdled about a minute and a half before tossing all my lindens at the vendor.

I skinned them with Glam Affair. I love this skin maker, have for years even before they were Glam Affair.  They always have something new coming out that's a little bit quirky and fun. The moles on my Chloe head for example. Those you can also find at the Skin fair, along with the Cate skin I wore on that head as well. 

🌟 As usual, my photos are edited and I have used strong wind lights. Please go in and DEMO before purchase. Grab an applier out of your inventory I know you have one and apply it to the demo to get a true feel for the style. 🌟

 I will post the land mark on the 10th.
But until then join the Pale Girl Productions Demo group!
Paste this link into your SL Browser - secondlife:///app/group/152f2c53-7275-089e-34bd-b403b66c4715/about


Only Human

Shed no tears

Princess of the Fae

I got a new head.  After much debate and cursing, I finally got my face how I think I like it...  Still having a few issues but I think it suits me.
Anyone got some advice about making face shapes?  :P
Savvy Quinn
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Danielle Mesh Hair - Style 1 - Fireworks by MissAllSunday Lemon @ Chapter Four
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Head: LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE by Jaden Art (JadenArt)
Ears: BentBox Sylvan Ears by Tif Lee Etcher (Tiflye)
Skin: Lara Hurley-Maitreya Appliers-for Fae and all the new skins by Lara Hurley
Head applier: Lara Hurley-Alena for LeLutka Rose Pale by Lara Hurley
Tiara: #26 Blueberry - Iconic Doll - Tiara - Black - Maitreya by Blueberry (Blueberryxx) @ The Arcade 
Bra: #20 Blueberry - Iconic Doll - Bra - Black - Maitreya by Blueberry (Blueberryxx) @ The Arcade 
Wings: #2 Blueberry - Iconic Doll - Wings - Black - Maitreya / RARE by Blueberry (Blueberryxx) @ The Arcade 
Location: Natural Falls

Wanna be super cute?

 Ember Adored taps her mic. "Hello, hello. Attention please, Important announcement coming right up."
Ember pauses a moment as she looks around "Hey you, yes you over there. I saw that yawn, Pay attention here, this is some good stuffs!, Someone pass that woman a latte stat!"

"Alright , are you ready? Good, now let's begin! Today I would like to introduce to you all a brand new monthly mystery/ subscription box. This one is called Cutie Loot and it' theme is all things CUTE!  I heard about this from my buddy Quiet and RAN as soon as pre ordering opened on Feb 24th.  I joined their group at the same time and just the other day I heard them speaking about teasers.  Oh yes, I thought to myself , teasers.  I need to let my readers know about this box!!"

  • Look below at the image with designers for this months round and below that I have mostly copied from a press release that one of the lovely officers passed to me. I am super excited to open this one, Best birthday present to myself, ever!
Hope you enjoy.


Cutie Loot is a new monthly subscription box, catering to the cute and magical girls of Second Life.


  • Cutie Loot will be available to pre-order from February 22nd until March 7th. After February, pre-orders will open from the 24th to the 7th of every month. Pre-orders can be made via marketplace or our in-world terminal. The final Cutie Loot boxes will be distributed and added to the marketplace on the 8th.
  •  You can receive direct notifications, updates and support via the Cutie Loot  update group (secondlife:///app/group/e05793a0-68fa-2f64-abb9-b90e4519214f/about)

  • Cutie Loot items are semi-exclusive, meaning that throughout the duration of the event (8th – 22nd), the items will not be available elsewhere. After next month’s Cutie Loot is sent out, altered versions of previous Loot items may be sold at the creator’s discretion.

For more information, check out the FAQ page on The Cutie Loot Website:


  • February 24th: Pre-orders open 
  • March 7th: Pre-orders close 
  • March 8th: Cutie Loot is officially released !




So silly RL story. 
I was working on this photo last night for a long time as I couldn't get the shadow's right  
(Kept having big half moons from my lashes.) Anyway, I was hyper focused on my screen. 

Finally was about to give up when my husband wandered over to see what the heck I was doing.
(Maybe he thought I was going to be sucked into my monitor  like poltergeist.)  
I turned my monitor around to show him what the heck I was doing & he said, 
"Humm, that's really good, almost looks real." 
So I mentally fist pumped cause, yay he praised me! 

This photo is the result and really, him liking it is the biggest pink star I will ever receive. I hope you like it a little :)

About what I am wearing.

  • The skin & Eye shadow are @ Enchantment right now. This event ends tomorrow and you really should wander over if you haven't had the chance. They always theme around a different fairy tale and this one is Cinderella. The SIM is beautiful! 

  • The headpiece was gifted to me by one of my newer friends Danni. It is @ The Arcade & She got in already the lucky bugger! Thank you Danni! 

  • My Nail Polish, Gloves & Pose are @ Whore Couture 7  . This event has just begun on March 1st & runs until the 31st I believe.  There are SOO many really cool things here & not all of it is super Whorish so worth a look for sure!

  •  All items worn are listed & credited with Slurl's embedded ( Teleports). Just click the coloured text and off you go!
No matter where you choose to shop, I wish you all a happy weekend! Ember


2 Free Hairs On The Enchantment Hunt

Enchantment is almost over but before they pack up this Cinderella round make sure you do the Hunt!

I did it myself and it took me about an hour total.
Grab a friend, jump on a voice chat, help each other out and scoop up those beautiful gifts & have a blast!

After you're done you might want to keep that voice call, find a nice sand box or place to unpack and sort out that inventory. It's always easier when you've got your friends about to make it less of a chore.

Look below the photos for all credits & Taxi's.
Ember ♥♥

[RunAway] gift / Enchantment Hunt

pr!tty gift / Enchantment Hunt

Time to Pre order your Powder Pack

• It's that time again! Time to pre order your Powder Pack !
Just in case you're new to my lil blog I will explain what this is.

- Powder Pack is a monthly mystery box with make up exclusively for Catwa Mesh heads!  I loved the last two boxes. you can view them here - 
 Just click the image for each month to see the photos.

Pre Ordering costs you 1,500 L & you can get in on that until the 16th. 

Once the box is released on the 17th the price jumps to 3,000 L so really. Best to Order in advance.
If you really want to be sure of the products, you can check past box vendor ads on the website.