Review Policy / Updated April 2017.


I will not Join blogging groups or Blogotex groups with requirements, time limits or rules.

If you wish to send me items to photograph / blog, I will add them to my photos as inspiration comes.

I have been blogging now for 8 years & it needs  to be fun again. 
Thank you for your understanding.

You can find me in Second Life under the name Ember Adored.

I started off my blog in 2009! 
Showing off the BEST freebies I could find.

I love photography and specialize in close ups of hair & faces.
Sometimes I ramble, sometimes I give tips on whatever, see those  
 I always credit .

Photos and blogging are a creative outlet for me. 
Feel free to peek at my Flickr page. 
Contact me in world any time !  Don't be shy, I'm not :)

.If you do choose to send me review copies.  

*Please be forewarned that I do use a lot of wind light & editing on my photos. So if you are looking for an advertisement where it shows the item exact as you have created it then I am not your girl.*

If you add me to your Blogotex.
Please understand that if I did not apply to blog your items I will only blog an item if it suits my style. If you have the Premium package Please consider using the VIP function.
Info on Blogotex here: (It's super handy)

Sending items through SL?

Please include the following in a folder or box.

  • Items you wish me to blog.
  • Landmark to main store. 
  • Land mark to event if applicable. 
  • All pertinent information, IE: How long event runs, Is it a freebie? Special sale?

.If I like the item I will gladly blog it for you.

.Mesh parts I own.

Mesh Heads.
  • Catwa - Bento Mesh Head Lona.
  • LeLutka - Bento Mesh Head Chloe.
  • [GA.EG] - Bento Mesh Head Barbara.
  • Catwa - Mesh Heads Bibi, Dyana & Destiny
  • Lelutka - Mesh Head Leda. 
  • [GA.EG] - Mesh Heads Adriana & Hugo.
  • Genesis Mesh Heads Lara, Sunny, Maya, Julia & Penny.
  • [AK] - Mesh Head Monika.  
  • Slink - Mesh Head Emma.
 Mesh Bodies.
  • Maitreya - Lara Mesh Body.
  • Slink - Mesh Body Physique. 
  • G.Inc. Perfect Mesh Body. 
  • Wowmeh.| No longer for sale.

Mesh Hands & Feet.
  • Vista - Bento Mesh Hands.
  • Slink - Bento & Static Mesh - All hands
  • Slink - Mesh Feet - All.

Other Mesh Bits.

 .Places you can find my photos and posts.

Thank you.
Ember Adored