In the Hood

I was looking for a pick up game, and where's the best place to display my crazy round ball skills? 
That's right, on a Basketball court!  
So I headed to the hood, but the place was empty! 
Did everyone go on vacation this week??

Well the point of all of this is, look how great I look! Its an awesome hoodie and it didn't cost a linden! So don't say I never gave you anything, head to Spearsong, join their group, and you too, can look as good as I do here, whether shoot'n hoops, or shoot'n zombies. 

OMG that makes me want The Walking Dead back!

Have a great weekend, Enjoy the great outdoors

Blue Hoodie Spearsong


  1. You went to the hood, Mr Carson?? I'm glad you're safe!!! :D

  2. Good word play with the hoodie :)


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