Anna's Many Murders by Bryn Oh

Words cannot express what I felt when visiting this SIM.

 Go here , explore Bryn Oh.. No need to say more Just go. Anna's murders

We did it

As Ember's summer begins to clutter with the many demands of family and work increasingly I'll be the one who places posts here--consider yourself suitably warned.
During the last several weeks we've been up to suitable amounts of prim slinging, exploring, and last but not certainly not among the least of these--we partnered.
I'll leave the details to the munchkin (Ember that was a rather unsubtle hint to add a comment to this post waxing erudite regarding shareable details) however leave it to say that we do nothing according to the normal dictates expected of one with SL.
What it did cause though was for me to consider WHY we partner within this reality. In my 4 years I've seen people partner:
* For convenience or casual friendship
* Because of business reasons
* I've even known people to partner themselves
* And yes--for something deeper
IF it was only Em's personality and how my mood lightens when we see each other every morning--that alone would qualify us as friends...however I believe in SL it is the things we share in common that warrant partnership--friendship, respect and love is only the basis on which to build. For us, we have gravitated towards each other since we first met, we've nurtured and help each other to grow, we take delight in each other's accomplishments--and together we make something special. For those reasons as well for feelings that are not the business of those who read this post--she is the one person who makes this reality for me as special as it is. 'Nuff said.
In between, we've added more to our 1/2 SIM--Em did a marvelous job finding us a home--1/2 SIM with 2x region bonus prims so we've been finding ways to fill up 3,750 prims. Over the last month we've managed to add a volcano, several acres of forest, a lighthouse, a 1-person police patrol (thank you Bree--your badge is in the mail!) and a New York Style condo-yes they all work together....and most gratifying, Em has shown to be quite handy at building grass and flowers and landscaping (only in SL does one talk about building grass without inhaling)
In the blatant PLUG category--we did add one major item to our *GEL* product line --yes among other things we do market things. This month we built a DJ Bondage booth
(Buy) I'll leave it those interested to read the ad on Marketplace as it includes a multitude of little touches that stemmed from her devious mind (Buy)--but trust the texturing was done by the brat so it won't burn your eyes--I've learned a long time ago to not subject the world to my texture/color sense and Em is far more adept in that area. (Buy)
Outside of knowing we'll do it together I am unsure as to what the next months hold (well sure of one item but that is for a future post)....hell with Em I'm unsure as to what the next few minutes have in until next time....