Welcome to Wonderland!
Join me on a wondrous journey. It all starts with a drink from a mysterious bottle...
Then it's down the rabbit hole with you!
Here I am hanging with Tweedledee & Tweedledum.
Oh yes this is a freebie fashion blog(duh
) Please note the outfit from -{ScUlPtAsTiC}- Complete neko set from their MM board!
Ah yes..this photo is neat isn't it. Called Spiritual dancer complete avatar . free gift in store from Baiastice
Woohoo I really am the sweetest! This is me playing croquet with the Queen of hearts in my new Candy outfit from Fierce designs. This is free on a sim hunt @ Dubya City

So my darlings, how have you enjoyed your first taste of Wonderland?
Let me tell you a bit more..
Wonderland has been created by a dear friend of mine, 1daisy Short and her Domme Sammi Sosa.
This woman's talents surprise and amaze me constantly.
I honestly believe if this gal puts her mind to it..It shall happen(no matter what it is..cough ball earrings?)
daisy also owns a digital art gallery on the island called Petals and pixels.
So...what are you waiting...Follow me down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.
Cheers my lovelies,


  1. lol.. yes I am all excited and waiting for those ball earrings *evil grin*
    daisy is SO talented.. she recently won a contest for her work... CONGRATS!!
    AND of course... Em is always delicious... dont you just want to spread peanut butter on her an eat her? lol
    Spirit .. aka Mom :)


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