Ah yes bloody Monday's..
Time once again for my favorite shop ..
Little Britain Designs...
Yes the have in fact moved again..
To make all you freebie whores happy!..
The lucky chairs are back bisches!..
Anyhoo, on with the show .
This weeks freebie,pictured above is the Massacre outfit.
Also a matchy one for the boys.

Am I that bad really?
Humm ..
Someone seemed to think so.
In this photo is the lucky chair prize
Devil's Spawn.
Again a set for the guys too!

So drop whatever it is you're doing and get your lazy asses over to LBD. Check out their new home and buy lots!!!
I recommend their awesome skins!

That's it for now
Hugs and kisses to all
Oh and please leave me comments..
Make a girl smile would ya!
PS. Photo's taken at Fallen Gods

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