A Hamster, A Kitchen & A House

Lameo title I know but gimmie a break it's Monday ...

So I hear about this store called Hammy~Bringing out you inner Hamster (love love love it)

I TP there. Hit up the MM board for a cuteeeeee beanbag chair.

I look around at all the awesomeness this store holds..

Kawaii living room set a cuteee bed

I had to have the hamster top hat seen in the pic

oh and did i mention the prices are way more then fair....

Search the Hammy group in world and check the past notices .....there is this awesome house in it and a kitchen to put in as well.

Thanx Fabien Lowenhar and Vista Adder for the awesomeness

(psst yay something else to add to my cupcake addiction ....Hamsters )

Things I am wearing

Hair~ Tiny Bird ~ Blogger apreciation week giftie

Skin~ Atomic ~ V.I.P Hunt gift

Dress~Pididle~mini hunt gift

Tophat~ Hammy Hamster Tophat~ Hammy 60L

Skybox ~ Group Gift ~ Search the Hammy group in world