How Intriguing!

So yesterday I was spending quality time with Mom ,
zooming round the grid hitting MM boards when we stumbled upon a shop I haven't been to
*Intrigue Co.*
and oh la la I LOVED IT!
This store appeals to me for a few reasons
first the decor. I mean , how fun is this place ..really!
Second thing I noticed was the quality.
The clothing here is very well textured.
Oh did I mention FUN!

Third thing I noticed here was the price..
OMG nothing is over 50L!!!
There is also a Midnight Madness board here so make sure to come slap it!

I had the pleasure of speaking with the Owner Katharine McGinnis.
A super cool girl.
She was very nice and able to help me with an item I needed gifting.
I was very impressed.
Thank ~ You Katharine for taking the time to speak with me.
It's nice to meet designers willing to spare 2 minutes for a lil chat.
So now folks...What are you doing standing there..get your asses over to Intrigue Co. and shop!!!
You know you wanna...
kiss kiss