OK , all you sexy beasties..
Here's some of the items from the mega giftie you get for doing this hunt @ LBD
There is 14 items in all and alot this time are geared towards you menfolk!!
YAY for you!
Pictured above are the converse sneakers, side chain,cool ass cut offs and shit head shirt.
Does this make my penis look fat?
..No really..Does it?

Above we have the evil twin shirt also the vodka arm strap and twat hat with hair.
(so if you do kill your evil twin *look out Bree^^* You can blame intoxication!)

Right..ahem..Carrying on. The above shot shows the UK Trouble shirt.(click to enlarge)
One for the boys I'm sure.

Last but not least a close up of the Little Britain Twat Hat
(love it!)
Cheers darlings,
Thanks for reading!
Love, Em