A Hunt for the men!


This is not your typical hunt, this is the first of its kind.
This our 1st Make Him Over Hunt! It is fully dedicated to the male public in SL, from all nationalities. It will start on June 01st throught 30th.
Deadline is May 20th to sign up (Designers).


Only the highest quality designers are invited to participate in the hunt.
The Designers will be given a male symbol prim where you will put an item of your choice from your store inside and will be asked to make exclusive items (if possible), that will only be available for the duration of the hunt. The items must be done by you!! If you think it is better, you can give a gift card of your store!

The objective of this hunt is to present nice stores to the male inworld public and let guys participate of a hunt, as we now that the another hunts are 95% turned to the female public.
We will set an "Official Starting Point" where the participants will get the notecard with complete information regarding the hunt. This hunt is circular, so when you get to the end, the last notecard will direct you to the first location.

This is a great opportunity to get your name known, increase traffic, invite people to your groups and get new customers!!!
Starting on June 1st will be featuring every single designer on the blog. That means is that you as a participating designer will get one day (if not more) of blog posts showing off your exclusive gift, telling everyone about your brand, giving out urls and slurls, etc.
Visit our blog for the latest updates and a complete list of participating vendors:http://makehimover.blogspot.com/

To get in on the hunt, RSVP to TARSIS GAUSMAN or SAMARA PENNELL with a notecard named "MAKE HIM OVER HUNT - Designer Name" containing the following information:
Label/BrandGift Concept (if known)
Were you Referred?
Do you have a blog or website?
A big Thank you to Shay for posting about this on her blog Shayariel's World of SL Fashion


  1. Hmmm...I don't know about any hunt, but have you noticed what a nice ass Ember has?

  2. This is WONDERFUL!
    I am tired of looking at sad looking men...
    awful clothes, hair, etc. Sheesh, I know
    women like to shop more.. but we STILL have to look at the guy standing infront of us *grin*

    So good luck in this hunt.. and lets have the best dressed men around!!

  3. yayyy for a men's hunt and yeah ember has a nice ass


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