Here's a few of the items up for grabs in Little Britain's hunt.
Usually I would take the photo's on the sim but..
No one needs my ass there making it more lagarific.
Some real cool tops and jeans...
All messy and graffiti'd .
The skin I am wearing is also from LBD.
It's called Street Fighter Lite Tone(sorry folks NOT free..only 800l though..)
You're paying for the quality!

Some leather pants and nice corset top..
Tried to get a certain shot here and Ember being the natural blond that she is...
locked her fucking cuffs!!..

So here I sit on the john, feelin like a shithead..
Totally agreeing with the shirt..
*my new fave*
Oh and..the Shit and the panties are the boobie prizes on the hunt..

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