Crazy for Avantmelon

Omg Omg Omg!!!! I have a new addiction...This awesome store called Avantmelon. It's all very bright awesome hand drawn designs, funky houses and coooool posers. As I am writing this I am waiting on the lucky board for the coolest watermelon tree (i've been here a bit annd my letter still hasn't come up). You can buy old Lucky Board gifties for 20L by the lucky board. There is a giftie at the front of the store as well as a storybook hunt prize (not sure how much longer that will be there for) annnd use the group joiner grab the giftie for group members only

and Yay just as I switched screens back I won the lucky board /me does a happy dance

oh annnd
the prices at avantmelon are very affordable the dress I am wearing in the pic was only 99L

I think i am goin to go and buy up the whole store

thats it for now

<3 jemmie