Good morning my sexy bishes!
It's Monday and we all know what that means...
Little Britain!!!
Weehaa yay!!
Some sad news folks.. The lucky chairs are gone again.. Due to some SL rule..IDK sigh and come to think of it I don't recall seeing the MM boards up.
I could be mistaken on that.
Righto lets do this thing!
So I would like you to meet PoizenIvy Lee, who Thank god responded to my call in group for a model!
Poizen Rocks , she's cool and a designer! She owns Ivy's & sells wicked shoes for a crazyy wicked price.
the details on these baby's wooaaah!
Shoes from 150-200l from what I've seen.
Poizen is modeling the gothic shoes in these pics
(click to enlarge)
Right , where was I?..Oh right Little Britain
what am I wearing?...
The boots(awesomeee boots!) , belt Ears and tail are all from the camping chairs this week.
The group freeebie is called Wild thing. Whip included!!
Ivy is wearing a tattoo from the MM board called full body wounds hard.. Not sure if available in store.
Her bra is part of the Ride me biker set($400L) With English skater chick pants from a set for 300L.

Did I forget anything???
I've had a crazy fun morning here at LBD and made a new fried..
Hugs and licks to you all !
Em. xoxo