The Make Him Over Hunt Revisited!

Yes, yes .I know I keep blogging this hunt but really guys come on!
Today I joined the Make him over group & met Samara Pennell.
Samara along with Tarsis Gausman & Madeleine
(who is their blogger!)
I learned a lot about this hunt today.
Made some new friends and discovered this link
The Hunt Locations
Now this fellas... Is a very handy blog.
Each # has the slurl and a clue to make life easier for you!
(hehe I'm a poet)
This is the best organized hunt I have joined thus far in my SL..
And yeah I've done a few.
So I would like to thank Samare,Tarsis & Madeleine for all their selfless hard work in organizing this fantabulas hunt for the boys we love!
Kudos Ya'll
Great job!
hugs 'n' kisses


  1. I managed to get to number 60 on my first night, skipped a couple though. Thanks for the link!


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