Hello my darlings..
Yes I am still alive
Thank Forceme for this post as I have been neglectful of late.
So what going down in fashion land for Independence Day?
Lets see....
Tank top is from ::XS:: free at the hair fair.
The skirt is from Xstreet free.
My skin is free from the hunt on at Symphony Skins
Hair is free from the hunt at Magika!!

Right, in this photo I am wearing Hair from Deviant kitties hunt.
Skin is another from Symphony.
The super hot well made dress is from Twisted and spoiled.
I got it free on Xstreet.
Ears and tail are a gift at the Fab Free HQ .
Omg I love you guys, you inspire me!
Thats all I'll post for now ..
So sorry I have been neglectful of my blog but my back is quite bad as of late.
Surgery in August.
wish me luck.
Love and hugs to all ..