not free, but super cheap!

HURRY HURRY HURRY TO [paper.doll]! Tons of cute stuff for 5, 10, 25, and 50L. Skins are 50L with fatpacks at 150 (for like 8 or 9 skins!), hair is $25 for a pack of 3, lots of clothes for 10l and even some shoes for 5L. GO CRAZY!

[paper.doll] DenimSkirt-Skulls - 5L

[paper.doll] LowRiseDenim-BlackWash - 10L
[paper.doll] FreeGift (leopard shrug) - FREE!
[paper.doll] Leighton-Brunettes - 25L (shown in DarkBrown)

[paper.doll] TshirtDress-NOH8 - 10L

[paper.doll] CrochetSun - 10L
[paper.doll] Mackenzie-Brunettes - 25L (Shown in Brunette)