Happy Happy Friday!!

What a wonderful day!
First off a personal note, I am so very happy these days.
Thank you to all my friends who listen to my constant ramblings. 
I am truly blessed to have you all in my life.
My life has been touched.. Life is good again, wonderful in fact.

Ahem yes , on to the freebies =p
In the above photo I am wearing the December group giftie from Truth.. I'm in love *winks*
The hair is also from Truth in the suscribo.

This pretty gown is a gift from *~ Aria's Dream ~*  Off the DSN 
You should all by now have signed up like good little girls ,yes?
If not leave a comment and I will help you in world.
Saving the best for last...
This drool making lingerie is a Christmas gift from Seldom Blue .
Isn't it glorious.. 
The lights on me are from the previously blogged Hoorenbeek gift.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend


  1. I am so glad to see that you are happy again! May we all be "touched"... It helps to be a little insane ;-)


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