Yips I'm livin in SYN

Morning all you beautiful people.
Today I'd like to tell you about a very talented designer.
four Yip.

I found this shop about a year ago and don't recall if I had chance to blog it.
Almost everything in this shop is FREE!

  I'm just going to let the photo's speak for themselves here but this designer is uber talented. 

Hop on over  to Mo Island and check her stuff out!!

Also I would like to introduce you to my current home.
I's called SYN

SYN is a Role Play Sim & the theme is Post Apocalyptic.

 Think, Angels Demons,
Lycan, Supernatural..
Oh and don't forget NEKO!
So yeah, SYN I love it here. There's something for everyone.. The people amaze me and the build is well just Wicked!

So after months of feeling adrift in my second life I've finally found another place I feel secure enough to let go and have fun!

Seriously guys and girls.
Come visit ME! 
You'll not be disappointed.
I promise!

All photo's taken in SYN.