Reven Rosca, one of the lovely owners of PRIME
dropped these awesome gifts on me the other day . 
I just had to share them with you.
I have actually had them for 3 days now but we have been having way to much fun playing with them..
Hehe, so now to show you.

 In the first photo is the Hot ottoman and is the gift in the After Dark hunt.
It runs until June 6th.
You are looking for a Martini glass.

This next photo is the prize from Dark Katz Hunt 2.
I freaking love this one.
It's a grungy bed with like 9 animated sits.
You can actually fill it with 9 people. 
(even 2 jumping on the bed anims!)
This hunt runs until..June 10th and you are looking for  A black cats head.
Finally in this last photo A sneak peek of the gift  for the Groovy Love Hunt. 
A chair for 2 with some really sweet and well groovy animations. This one also comes with an outfit to get you into the mood :) 
This hunt starts June 5th and runs until the 26th.
So have I mentioned what AWESOME furniture PRIME makes?
I personally own a lot and urge you to check out this first rate shop when you are in need of new animated furniture. 
Seriously guys and gals.. Top notch!

Until next time,
Happy hunting
Em, xoxo