First off I got these spiffy new or are the old? Boots form Hoorenbeek . They are a gift on the Zombie Popcorn Hunt. (Search for the popcorn bag!)
   Then this morning I log in to an advert from Truth...HAIR SALE OMG! All their hair is on sale until September 3rd. There are 2 locations to try to visit. TAXI 1
          TAXI 2

Off I run to the Filthy Chute sim to check things out.. Freaking awesome build( Thank you Teshan from SLexy Fashionista for sharing this with your readers!)

The Beautiful tank top I'm wearing can be found on XSTREET

Both hairs are from Truth @ 125L each during the sale!

  After wandering lost and frightened I made my way over to Petals and Pixels where they have set up The wizard of OZ. Based on the Original book published in 1910!  Have a wander round It is sooo much fun!
   The build officially opens on Friday the 20th the start location is HERE. Please be Mindful that this is A PG sim.....

   Baring this in mind I made sure I was covered proper when I visited Gilinda's home along the Yellow Brick Road!
  You can get these spiffy censored bars by Catnip
Phew I'm all tuckered out from shopping and exploring... Stay tuned for more from
  Ember the streaker!


  1. Woohoo Em!! Awesome sexy pic in the Censored outfit, or lack there of!! daisy and I are thrilled that you have included us in your blog pics. You look FABULOUS!!

    love ya

    PS.. have to sort out this profile thingy.. LOL

  2. Back from treehouse21 August 2010 at 20:07

    *Uncensors his girl*


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