Twisted What?

I saw this skin blogged  and had to run out to grab it from Skinthesis as part of the Twisted hunt.
The shape and skin are both in the gift as well as a male version!!
I have paired it with Curio hair baby cakes in muted pink that I scored in their hair fair gift!
Add Oracul's B.E Bot AO and a key in my back and ..I'm having so much fun!

"Laughing plastic.. It's fantastic"~ AQUA.

Cheers and happy hump day! 
<3 Ember


  1. Lord Puppetmaster8 September 2010 at 12:21

    *winds her up....*

  2. She looks fantastic and is definitely having fun *giggles* although I'm really scared the head butts to the floor may do some serious damage in the future <3


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