Dusted (updated)

So I was busy doing the Sinners Playground Hunt this week
As I sat sorting I came across this AMAZING outfit from [SKINwalkers] 
I had never heard of them before but with a prize like this I am sure to be back!!

Worn in this photo

Hair: ~Deviant kitties~ Lainey+goggles (Marketplace) 200L
Guns:~ Marketplace ~ Free
Outfit~ Grunge Dust~[SKINwalkers] Free hunt prize in the SPH
Chastity Belt:~Cold Embrace~( Not yet released, stay tuned)

 OK, so I have a stalker and her name is Mina.
She want's to be just like me ..
This is what happens when you wear the same thing with a titler that says
"I'm just like Ember now!"
You get..DUSTED!
 Hehe, <3 you Mina You're a star.