Here's a few more gifties from the FTLO Sim
And Scroll to the bottom to find out about these hot hairs!!

In the above photo I am wearing..
Arm warmers and booties from *Epic* ( I believe these are the 100L exclusive item)
High waist skirt from [ Bubble ](100L)
The top is part of an outfit from Ingenue(Hunt prize)
If you click on the photo you can see I'm all bruised and battered.. 
This is the  beat to shit tattoo from Fallen Doll.( 100L)
Now in this photo I am wearing the outfit by =Razorblade Jacket=
(No idea if it's the hunt gift)
My mouthy is from [Acide!](Hunt gift)
Tattoo from ..:LiQsUm:..
 Thank you designers for passing this stuff to blog <3

OK HAIR!! Creatives! 
Ever been? I suggest you get your tails over there right now! 
Check them out.
I was struck By the shape of these hairs. I am a hairstylist in rl and it cheezes me off how little attention designers pay to bangs( fringe) 
But so far Creatives nail it!!
The top hair is called Crank and the bottom is called iro and is a 60L special in this colour!!
Thank you Creatives for letting my share your rocking hair!!