I had a few funny things happen to me today. Just HAVE to share this one.

Okay let me set the scene a bit.
Ember rezzes in at Bondage playground . First ting she sees is some random guy running around with his dick out. Same old same old... He stops in front of her and without a word drops some sex anywhere balls , hops on one and starts air humping..
* Uhhh.. Ember grabs her popcorn and settles in for the show.*

I get an IM..

[18:07]  loveybear Firehawk: hi

[18:08]  Ember Adored: Let me guess, you don't get on SL much.

[18:08]  loveybear Firehawk: yes

[18:09]  Ember Adored: Yes you do come often or no

[18:09]  loveybear Firehawk: ;ike  fun

[18:09]  loveybear Firehawk: no

[18:09]  loveybear Firehawk: i  dont

[18:09]  Ember Adored: OK well .This is not a free sex sim. You'll do better at one of those if thats what youre after

[18:10]  loveybear Firehawk: tp me

[18:10]  Ember Adored: Um ..No . You can use search

 [18:12]  loveybear Firehawk: ok  you  dont  like  fun

[18:12]  Ember Adored: Oh I love fun. I just have high standards
 18:12]  loveybear Firehawk: yea

-- Instant message logging enabled --

[18:14]  loveybear Firehawk: ok  you  will  be  muted  then

\\\\\ROFL... HE ENGAGED ME!!..//////

OK pal. Mute away.  My life shall never be the same without you in it but hey, what can I do.


  1. Anyone with a name like loveybear firehawk should have his pixel dick cut off and stuffed up his arse. No, wait, he would probably enjoy that! We'll only cut off the tip, and burn it in the BP campfire.


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