The many faces of a girl.

 When I try to describe my personality to someone I draw a blank..
There are so many sides to it that I don't know where to start.
Am I afflicted with Multiple Personal Disorder?
Ah not quite. LOL
But I do know I am a big emotional stew with a bit of every 'Type' of personality tossed in. 

Here's two to start.

# 1 The fashion maven.

 Outfit: STC 15,000 members group gift. Join the suscribo.
 Hair: Free @ EXILE.

# 2 The Lolita (Not THAT young :)


 Dress from EPIC. Group gift in store ( pay 250 join)
Hair  ((JUNWAVE)) Group gift in store.Free to join
 Bed from PRIME (Not free but oh so worth the L's)

That's this edition of Getting to know Ember.. 
Stay tuned for next week's installment.
 Ember out.