Shhhh.. We be hunting wabbits...

 Down at the Bondage Ranch.

A crazy place really . So it's no wonder I find my pixels all but crazy glued to the Sim.
Not many talk but the place is packed full of pixel beauty ALWAYS..
Oh and the odd clown.. Can't forget the clowns.

Anyway Here I have made a new friend who is just as mental as I am..
(Prolly more But I'm a quick learner)
We act like sugar jacked retards all day and  entertain or drive the locals mental.
Either way It makes me laugh till I have to walk away from the PC to catch my breath.
(This in itself is much needed)
Here we found we can Flirt, hunt Wabbits..
Scream LOVE cause it is OUR dream and start our own science lab..
shhh.. wabbits.. down at the Ranch.


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