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Morning all--for those who read this post and haven't met me in-game, I'm Gerritt Resident--and no I'm not related to the other 65,000 Residents who now call SL home (or is it 100 people with 650 alts--never could get that straight). Ember was gracious enough to grant me the rights to place a post here so I've decided to avail myself of the opportunity--and I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact that she now has a task on her list to create a new post and she'd found a clever way to delegate the task back.

I wanted to take a moment to bend everyone's ear regarding not reading a book by the cover that contains it. For any who read this post over time-likely you're aware of the fact that I've been fortunate enough to know Em since her birthday in March. At the time we'd struck up a casual conversation and I ended up following her to SAG due to the fact she was a bit nervous about her first slave sale (note to self--be somewhat cautious about making an opening bid at SAG). Net result of the event was that no other bids were entered---and two 1/2 months and several hundred conversations, jokes, flirting, purchases of oddball pink outfits, building of barbie castles later I have found a friend, a confidant, a sub-- and one of the most endearing individuals I have known in my nearly 4 years in-world.

Its a normal human trait that we quickly establish expectations of individuals we meet--and those initial impressions we form tend to guide how we judge and interact with them. Depending on the person--most people live up (or down) to those expectations--but if you keep a weather eye-a rare person reveals hidden depths you didn't initially expect (I'll save the ala-Shrek analogies about peeling back layers of the onion). In the case of Em, the initial vision I carried away was of
a happy individual, warm, open, who was like many in SL--primarily interested in attire, conversation and shopping----NOT that those are bad things--but my interests typically have drifted to building, scripting (inserts plug for the new line of RLV items we're gradually creating together). I've been known to --gasp--leave my avi dressed in the same jeans until they could stand up in the corner by themselves (even though they were flexi prims)--thank god-fortunately SL hasn't invented smell-o-vision just yet as a viewer option.

What I have found in Em--in addition to the admirable traits that attracted me in the first place (and no not just the pretty pixels--admittedly damn cute) --but particularly in the last few weeks since she chose to submit, is a questing mind, a complex individual who loves to travel, to learn, to landscape (and she's getting damn good damn fast--next place we have babe the landscaping is your task), and an excellent multi-tasker. I've seen her deal with real life while creatively and without missing a beat pull off some roleplay that I never could do. She's won not only my focus, my respect and my attention here, but also my respect and love as well.

Over the last few weeks:
1) We've established a line of RLV devices (and yip we've actually sold 4 woohoo--as the crowd roars). Em-has proven to be awesome at texturing. Look online for GEL products (checks the TOS rules about product plugs within a Blog).
2) Em has taken her first forays at landscaping and building a little cuddle spot--and per her last post I would agree she's got the knack for it. Well done munchkin. As of this posting I'm upping your flower budget.

3) We've done a lot of SIM hopping--turns out we share interests in bizarre spots and seeing the creativity inherent within SL--yes Virginia there is life outside of the Ranch, even as endearing a spot as that is. Among other places (more to follow) look for Village of Nyght (many zombies died that day), Fetish Circus, Immersiva, Black Pearl Beach, and the Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns.

 4) In between we've pretty much finished up the theme rooms at Keiser's place--OK to be more specific Em's ideas and I subcontracted some of the work.
5) I've received a long list of product ideas from the mind of a devilishly clever person that will have me building for some time to come. (Thank you brat--remember anything I build and script YOU have to texture and test).

Most importantly? We're having fun and establishing what people euphemistically call a drama free zone (hell isn't that reason we COME here???). I can honestly say these last months-in particular these last few weeks--have reaffirmed my belief in the possibilities of people in SL. Take it from an old man--don't be fearful about giving a second look to someone or something you may have dismissed--lurking close behind the covers you may indeed find someone who has the power to change your outlook. We can only wish to others the same amount of happiness we are finding here. I told her once that nothing easy is worth having--the follow on to that however is that anything or ANYONE difficult to attain--is worth every moment.


  1. Congratulations to both of you. Ember is a cool person; i like her a lot. i'm very happy for you both.

  2. Better look after her ya know, I've known her a good while myself. And no killing zombies *shakes fist at* they might be related to someone I know xD

  3. Better look after her ya know, I've known her a good while myself. And no killing zombies *shakes fist at* they might be related to someone I know xD


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