This month in the land of GEL


Been a couple months since I've hijacked my little wench's blog---but things have been busy. Every day when Em and I begin we generally start by letting things generally flow--then look back and wonder how we got so much done in such a short amount of time (assuming we get credit for taking time off for lunch, calls of nature, etc. and that sordid affair called real life)....

Added a few more RLV items to our burgeoning line of products (yes Emily both men and woman can now enjoy the advantage of a stylish GEL RLV belt while sitting in a GEL RLV cage)

Performed our usual amount of SIM hopping (check out Hell House!)

And oohhh yes--spent the last 2 weeks helping New Nighbor give a full makeover to the Bondage Playground--

You remember the Bondage Playground right? original home of my favorite vice Ember, one of the original Bondage interest Sims within SL?

For my part I remember my first few weeks in SL years ago--typing the word bondage in search,finding the playground and realizing "I'm not in Kansas anymore"......At this point we've moved and re-landscaped the camping area, added 40 new skyboxes as well as large beach front properties (low rates, beautiful SIM, our company, everyone deserves to rent there),

several new RLV devices and our LATEST addition--the creation of several new bondage-themed rooms in the castle--so far we have a classroom, a shibari room, medical room (medical licenses dispensed on request), a latex room, and more to come.....

The Playground meant a lot to a lot of people--we're excited at the opportunity to remodel and see people enjoy--come check it.....if you like it blame Em's creatively evil mind--if you don't--well you're just not looking closely enough--ban yourself to the new cage or crosses scattered throughout the trees. No matter what your particular fantasy likely you'll find like minded people to share it with--and toys and a setting to bring it to life....

With the upcoming holidays we have a lot planned yet--finishing the Playground, our first store hunt (We're happy to have been included in the FemDom hunt for our *GEL* store), and a few things I haven't bothered mentioning to the munchkin....until later thank you all for letting us share our SL with you.