A hunting we will go.

It seems forever since I have last done a hunt myself. I had been so busy applying to be a creator that I forgot how fun hunting actually is!!

 The Fairytale Fantasy Hunt is the one I picked to try and WOW so glad I did.
These are a few of the stores in the first 20.
 Imagine my poor closet. Oh well. On to the credits.

 Blue Fairy from Pixel Snobs.(mesh)
 I love this store, it's new to me and great. Go join the group and look around . Loads of hunts going on there so many goodies to scoop up!

Cinderella Lingerie from [QE] Designs.
There is a corset layer wtih this as well but  yeah, I forgot to wear it :P
Marion shape from [SHAPEshifters]

 Fantasy Evening dress from Lil Miss.(mesh)

Cinderella dress (mesh) from [AMERICAN BAZAAR]
Mythical necklace from Hollyweird.
Marion shape from [SHAPEshifters]

Arial dress from Sugar & Cyanide (mesh)
Marion shape from [SHAPEshifters]

I had to much fun hunting and making purdy photos that I will leave out the slurls but I will give you a taxi to the starting location.
Hunt hints HERE
Happy hunting xoxo Ember.