Gimme Sugah!!

 With my Tango's on, rocking in my new skin I head out into the grid to get me some inexpensive clothes for these puppies.
On my travels I find Pink Sugah.
 Humm, name's familiar.

 Oh yes Kai showed me something from them yesterday.
So me being me, I sashay in and hit up the MM boards, lucky board , join the group and basically case the joint in 2 minutes flat.

On the lucky board is a 250L gift card.
~~~I WON~~~

 I picked up Tink here for  49 L!

And this  sexy  number called Hello Sailor...
Just 99L (AS IF!)

So now I have a few more outfits to Tango with.

Now get your ass down to Pink Sugah..Like NOW!

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