Bippity boppity boo!

Now where did I put that glass slipper....Ohai!  I didn't see you there.  Well come on in and welcome to da Princess Brat's closet!  Last night I was at an event with my honey bun...also known as Big Daddeh *giggles*..and I felt like being fun, quirky and princess-y and this is what I came up with.  Ember said blog it!  So here ya go!  Feast your eyes on da princess fresh from a day of shoppin!

Happy frog kissing!
Da Princess Brat aka Kaileebaby

Where to get da awesomness:
Crown: -LaViere- ~ Fake Plastic Crown Pastel Pack
Necklace: Earthstones ~ With Love Necklace
Dress: Apple May Designs ~ Princess/Pink
Hair: Magika ~ [03] Tendency
Pose: Glitterati ~ Shopaholic
skin: Illusory ~ Love/Milk (blah blah store gone check Auxiliary skins coming soon)


  1. YAY Kai!!! I am so happy to have you do this with me!!
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  2. Oh em gee I have to wear that dress for an IC wedding I'm attending as a bridesmaid, cos the bride is obsessed with pink x.x It does look cute though just needs to be BLUE!


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