From the D to the S...To the Oh Yes,YES!

So I have been combing Marketplace to find um, sweet outfits for my new gams. God what a task. 
Anyhoo, I stumbled across Sharodie's Design . 
And you know what??
 Not only are her prices crazy low already but she is updating 
with Tango appliers for no extra cost!!
 Really ?? 
In this photo I am proudly wearing Wisteria with mesh skirt, TANGO applier...
 I think I paid 19L STEAL!!
 I am oh so pretty.

New group giftie!!
 99L join fee but aww she makes such nice gifts for us
 every month that it's so totally worth it!!
This is this month's gift mesh dress  with mesh boots, oh yeah baby they're pink!! 

Other items in this post..
Hair is from wasabi pills.~ Not free.
Boobies from Lolas  ~ Not free. (What boob job would be?)
Poses from Juxtapose ~ Former free gift from Frost fair.
Photos taken @ Ode and D~Style.

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!
Kisses 'n' leg humps,
 Ember xoxo