I'm late, I'm late!!
To get this out, Sowwy!
 But hey, least I look good gettin here!!
Check this out!

 From Sassy!, Bad Reputation in plum. 
(Suits me!)
Applier for Tango!

From Ellemeno, Tiffany gown in  Bubble gum.
Also available in 5 other colours and has appliers for
  Pushups, Tango, Mused, eBoobs, BBusty, Universals, 
Lush and V-String.

Pink Sugah have so many things out
 it was so hard to choose just one to show you.
This is the Midnight dress in Black and White.
Tango appliers only.

From sexZ, this super cute Shorty polka dot sweater.
Comes in five colours.
 for Tango only.

Limo to BeWbApAlOoZa

Other credits.
All hair from [elikatira] 70 % off sale!