This Diva has Plastik TaTas

*waves*   Hi there!  I'm Savvy/Savannah/Sav, whatever variation on my name someone can come up with.  Old friend of Ember's... key word 'Old' Haha
So popped over to one of my all time favorite stores today.  And found the owner had set out a giftie for all of us 'enhanced' gals. 
Two dresses, complete with Tango appliers :D
Hurry and get over there before it's gone
Limo to Plastik 
Next stop was DivaLicious
 They have a new group gift out.  This pretty little mesh dress in purple and pink.  Group is free to join so be sure to head over and grab the gift.
These don't have appliers however.  But they will look great for those of us that don't wear our boobs all the time.
Taxi to DivaLicious


  1. Good job Savvy!!!
    Thank you for helpin a girl out!


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