Curiosity killed the cat

I've been in a funk lately.
To try and booster my mood I started going through some of my random avatars in my inventory.

And I stumbled across this interesting looking ... thingamabob

Well with the folder, came a landmark to Curious Kitties
So I made a note to check it out.
As fate would have it, a friend of mine had passed me a ticket from the RMK Gothic Bunny Hunt for the Curious Kittie's prize.
Which was this cute, tiny, bunny avi.
 Info on the hunt can be found HERE

I got to looking around and found a ton of other free stuff and I'm not sure I got it all!
Here is just a taste..  I'm wearing a skin from the Sakura freebie pack they offer.
And a free sweater :3
The Sakura skins come with 8 different tones.
I seen wings, and hair (if you join the free group) and a few other things.

Then I seen, a Gatcha machine.  Well several of them actually.
I only played one (supposed to be in rehab from the Arcade)
For 100L I won this gorgeous spring dress.
You can't see the sides but they are open, with laces running up each side.

I don't know how long the gatchas or the freebies will be out.
So hurry hurry!

xoxoxoxox - Savvy