Every Princess needs....

 This totally sexy, adorable lingerie From Paradisis.
In the first photo I am wearing the newest Group gift 
Blossom in Magenta.

I also want to show you one more so you can
 appreciate just how beautiful these garments are.

 Below is Blossom in Red.
 Each set is only 95L! 
You can pick up a fat pack for  855L.
 ( One colour for free)

Did I mention they come with Tango appliers INCLUDED?
Well they doo!! 
So big or small , they cover them all ♥
 Just look at the detail on the back of this.
 I am in love.

Oh almost forgot.
Like the bed I am sprawled on?
It is called....
The Princess Bed  From The Fairest.
Such beautiful textures I had to blog it with my new lingerie.
They just fit!

Limo to Paradisis.  Limo to The Fairest.
So, be careful out there folks, Tuesdays on SL are crazy!!

*Ember Adored goes down with the Region Restart*


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