New Month, New stuff!

Hiyas gals and guys!  Savvy here again!
March looks like a fantastically busy month!
Sooo many events and newness going on!
Whore Couture, Arcade Gatcha Event, then the hunt, to end all hunts, the 9th Twisted hunt, all rolled into the next 4 weeks!
All this on top of the other events.  This month is going to be packed, and I love it!
First up, Depraved Nation is hosting a Gatcha fair.  I popped over since the Arcade was full and found a few cute little things I couldn't live without.
First off, this adorable freaking tiara.  Pictures don't do it justice!  My nickname forever has been the Mudda Fookn Princess so I had to have it.  I love it and will probably be wearing it a lot.  It's from Forever Young, and 99L for the gatcha.  It comes in several different colors.

Next, I'm a mask whore.  I love masks and own, dozen or so of them.  So when I seen the 
Razor /// Neoprene Mask for only 29L, I grabbed several from the gatcha.  This one is my favorite, hot pink doesn't take away from the camo at all >.>

Next I HAD to hit up the Sakide Gatchas.  
50L each for the arm warmers and the skirt.  Both come in 5 different colors and a fat pack as a rare prize.

Lots of stores have gatchas here.  So if you have some time to spare pop over and check it out.

Since the Twisted hunt started today, I had to go and check out a couple of the stores participating.   It will take me all month to complete it... and thats even IF I complete it.  Its certainly earned it's reputation as the hardest hunt on SL!

1 Hundred's prize was a body suit, complete with Tango Appliers \o/
Here's your taxi!  1 Hundred

Since it was on the same sim, I popped over to Sassy's! to find their spinny box.
Their prize was this nifty little chain mail mesh dress.  Come's in all 5 standard sizes.  No alpha layer so you can see right through it *blushes*
 And your limo to Sassy's!

I'm off to do some more hunting!  See everyone soon <3
xoxoxoxo ~ Savvy