Pretty little things

This is a mish mash kinda post as I had a few different things
 dropped on my head this morning.
 Big thank you to the designers xoxo.

In the above photo I am wearing  this super cute corset top and Easter sweater from J'adore. The corset will be available as of Thursday at J'adore on the cleavage sim. I am guessing the sweater will be there as well.
 I only know it is an Easter gift.

In this photo I am wearing a new mesh top from..
 I love it!!!!
 *squeals with delight!*
It does not appear to be set for sale in the shop yet but you can find this and more on their Marketplace store.

Oh, one more thing.. Well the BIGGEST thing!!
I got a mesh head.
I feel so pretty. 
If you wanna be my clone you can find it at the skin fair