We're all mad here...

I have an Alice in Wonderland fetish... I love the story, the costumes, everything!
This morning while browsing around, I found a place called  Almost Wonderland.  
After exploring for a bit, I fell in love.  Such a pretty place.  They are participating in the Twisted Hunt, but I never did find the gift. Still LOVED the sim though.
Check out the sim!  So worth the trip even if you aren't doing the hunt.

So many headaches later, I finally found the prize at Impish!
This outfit is so freaking awesome.  Comes with everything.  Shoes, hat, and dress.

The hat alone is reason enough to find this prize.
Look at the detail!  

Clearly the table with a strange drink labeled 'Drink Me' is a good idea right?
Well even small this outfit looks awesome on me :) 
It was one of several Twisted prizes you're able to find from ..:{*PanDemic*}:..

So once I got through the tiny door and fell into the garden, I had this feeling I was being watched..
So I put on the longer skirt, which was another prize from ..:{*PanDemic*}:..

 ..:{*PanDemic*}:.. also has several Gatchas.
Which came in handy once I sat down to take a rest amidst a pile of books.

The Twisted Gag was one of several possibly prizes you could win.
Yes I looked shocked here... But no I can't tell you why.  Gag is in the way ;)

xoxoxoxo - Savvy


  1. hahaha thank you for talking us up a bit! We love our crazy sim. If you still didn't find that Twisted Hunt, give me a buzz and I'll get the white rabbit to give you a nudge in the right direction. :)


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