Hey there little red riding hood...

You sure are looking good ;)
You're everything a big bad wolf would want.
*insert howl*
That was the song that came to me when I seen Etchaflesh's newest creation.
 The Darkness Lilith Dress.
I purposely did some color tweaking so you could see the gorgeous texture detail.
I love this outfit!
Comes with the hood, corset, and skirt.  All in mesh, in the standard 5 sizes.
Oh, best part.  Comes with a freaking hud so you can change the colors!
So you basically can have it any color you want!

Marketplace link is HERE 
Or visit the inworld store HERE 

Make sure while you are there you join the in-world group.
Shaodie surprises us with mini-hunts, or random gifties at times.
Best way to be on top of it is to join the group and watch the notices!

xoxoxox - Savvy