Tiny Tuesday :3

I love being a petite.
Skipping around among people's shins.
But there is a severe lack of items for the petite.
Reven Rosca at Prime is helping to correct that.

See how tiny I am!  I could tapdance on this guy's keyboard! hehe
In this picture I'm wearing [FOXY Petite] Daringly Deep Raspberry Dress
(which are up for sale for 60L Friday till Monday... so HURRY)
And the Itty Bitty Posture Collar.

I'm playing Ember's Dolly here *squees*
and we match!
I'm wearing [FOXY Petite] Diamond Lingerie Blue with
Itty Bitty Diamonds Collar and cuffs.

 This is a close up of the Itty Bitty Twisty Collar & cuffs.
A note about the cuffs and collar.
The animations FIT the petites!  That's right, no more sinking underground!

And finally:
Running around as a petite will wear a girl out.
So I grabbed the 1L Hop into Spring hunt gift in the Prime Petite Store.
It comes with the fire pit and the stump which will rezz the sleeping bag :3

Limo to the Prime Petite store is HERE

Thats all for today folks.  Make sure you watch where you step! 

xoxoxox- Savvy