Duck Duck Goose!

Whew, I feel like I've been playing that game lately.
That or been chasing my own tail >.>
Needless to say boredom has NOT been an issue lol!
BUT there is a LOT of newness from Ducknipple.
Have I professed my love for this store enough?
The hud system the creator uses is awesome.
To prove it, I color coordinated all my outfits today :3

The Astor Outfit comes with the body suit, arm warmers, and leg warmers.
Isn't it ... rawr????

Hehe.  Anytime I wear anything checkered, I feel like I should be flagging someone down.
The Brinta Dress would certainly stop traffic at least.
And since Em was showing off collars, I decided to show off a couple as well!
In this picture I am wearing the Eve Collar.

I love pole dancing.
Ask my besties... and this outfit is perfect for it.
I'm rocking the Viva Collar, Gothkini, and Ramona skirt.
Isn't this an awesome get up?
The cuffs are my own.  Teehee

All of the items come in several mesh sizes and come with a color changing hud.
Ducknipple is so awesome with their stuff.
Hurry over and get ready for this weekend!
Limo to Ducknipple

xoxoxox - Savvy