Is it Friday yet?

I usually never wish for the week to end sooner.
But this week, I want gone!
BUT to brighten my week briefly SLX has put out new items.

Apple is this cute little outfit.
It includes the jewelry, cat socks, dress, ballet flats, and bra.
95 Lindens for a short time!

This sexy little number is called Drape
Again, the entire outfit.  Shoes, jewelry, and clothes all included.
Another 95 Lindens promo item.

150 Lindens will garner you this gorgeous ensemble.
The Flapper outfit comes with the dress, collar, bracelets, and boots.
Oh and fishnets!
Can't forget the fishnets.

So hurry over to SLX and grab some newness for yourself.
Mmm newness.
Rub that newness all over yourself!

xoxoxox - Savvy