Fairtytales, part deux

Yay more fairy tales!
The Happily Ever After Hunt is still going on. 
But only until the end of the month.

The first look of the day.
ToXiC HiGh has this dress out as their 'Good' apple prize.
The dress, panties, and bra are all included.
I'm in love with this necklace.
Yay for close ups!
This is WCI's Hunt giftie.
An Axe through and apple :3  Cute and twisted.

 Second look.  The dress is ToXiC HiGh's Bad apple prize.
Its so perfect with the wings, eyes, and make up from ~*Souzou Eien*~ 
Yes I blogged them in the last post, but come on.. how perfect do they fit in with the dress? lol
Then to finish the look was the Maleficent's Crown from  .::[HTxDZ]::. 
Another close up!
Comes with 4 different options.
And for those that know me, you know how much I adore horns so, I will be using this gift regularly :3

Happily Ever After Stores and Hints are HERE
The prizes are not free as I stated in my last post, but 5L.
But as you can see, they are way worth that.
Happy Hunting!

xoxoxox - Savvy