Falling down the rabbit hole!

KaTnipZ Wonderland has their new round of the Rabbit Hole Sales Room back up!
This is bi-weekly event where several designers put up an item for only 50L!
Great way to expand your closet, but not break the bank.
Although Rabbit Hole is a good name for it.. .once you fall down it, you won't want to get back out ;)

.Sugar & Cyanide. is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores.
Her stuff is cute and sexy and wonderful.

This shirt and pant set is their Rabbit Hole sales item.
The shirt says 'Here Comes Trouble' which my friends can vouch fits me.
Then the shirt has tiny little black wings on the back <3

This stunning number was from a designer I had never heard of before called Souled Out.
Souled Out Crows Nest Dress Outfit has 3 different colors you can pick between.
Perfect for pirate chicks like me ;)

-N- has several different outfits out for sale as well.
These three were too adorable to pass up.

So head over to the Rabbit Hole and take the plunge.
Lots of goodies, low low prices.  Win-Win!

xoxoxox - Savvy