Live Glamorous...

...With LivGlam!

I know, corny...but still...LivGlam is one of my favorite stores, and I was recently invited to blog for them! Miss Samantha Jones, the CEO of LivGlam, is quite amazing and as fashion-forward as her Sex and the City namesake(Well, I don't know for SURE if that's who she's named after, but I'm really going to assume and hope that that's who she's named for, since she's my favorite character ever). LivGlam's fashion philosophy is to give everyone the vision of looking glamorous by providing fashion products which are perfect to achieve the look of elegance.

Samantha is quite amazing when it comes to knowing what looks good on a woman's body, and she certainly provides a lot of clothing options, which is great for a clotheshorse like me...I love to switch up what I'm wearing, and I usually don't wear the same thing the same way more than once. LivGlam's outfits usually come in an awesome HUD, and you can choose more than one color to wear...which is awesometastic!! 

There were sooo many outfits that I wanted to blog, but one dress in particular stood out to me. By now, you all know me and my love for the vintage and retro, and when I saw a dress called What Is Love and put it on...well...I discovered what love could be, to me...I wanted to cuddle this dress so hard. 

So perfect! A nod to vintage, classy and sexy. <3

Forgive me, darling dolls, for being away for so long...RL work has grabbed me and strangled me, and business is picking up for the wedding planning company I work for in SL, so exciting but busy times are ahead for me...but now I think I'm finally starting to balance my SL time and my RL work time...mucho loves!!!


What I'm Wearing!
Hair: Magika [02] Honest
Jewelry: Donna Flora Doll set
Dress: *LivGlam* on the Marketplace! [LG] Boutique - What Is Love Dress 
Shoes: N-core Coure "Fatpack 16 Colors" - Black worn