Retro Days are Super days!!!

My apologies for the less-than-stellar title, but I just don't know what better way to sum up this really cute outfit that I put together for you all today. *giggles*

Moda Designs is just amazing, all the time. I can't seem to stay away from the sexy Anita pin-up capris, and with good reason...I'm just obsessed with what they do to my shape. Raaaaawr...

But this post isn't about the pants, not this time. I want to talk about the limited edition cropped jacket that Eon has so generously put out for her shoppers!! The Karlie is super gorgeous cropped jacket that comes in a whopping 24 colors, plus 4 zipper colors...her release includes another 10 flame-decal'ed colors, to give a true nod to those greaser days of the past! So you can definately get your Pink Lady on, with a modern twist!!

Now, this is truly a limited edition, as there are only 50 copies of this jacket available on the marketplace, and another 50 available inworld!! You'll want to get over there and grab a copy up quick, I'm not sure how many are left at either place!! 

Close-up version, to include the necklaces!! 

Happy shopping, lovelies!!! <3

What I'm Wearing:
Hair: >Truth< Delta - Red 05
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer on the Marketplace Handcuff Set, Necklace - Zodiac - Aries
Jacket: =MODA Designs= Karlie Cropped Leather Jacket&HUD(Flames Edition) *NEW*
Top: =MODA= Donna Corset Set - Fatpack(White shown)
Pants: =MODA= Anita Pin Up Capris with HUD(Colors) - Red shown
Shoes: Redgrave Helena - 12colors(Black shown)